Fourth Step: Implementation Supervision, Monitoring, and Final Evaluation

The fourth step in the GEF project cycle consists of implementation supervision, monitoring, and final evaluation.  Streamlining the GEF project approval process will be accompanied by more robust result verification mechanisms. As part of its monitoring responsibilities, the Secretariat will conduct an Annual Monitoring Review, which will be based on the submission of Project Implementation Reports by the Agencies. The key issues to be monitored will include: implementation progress, Focal Area strategic objectives’ performance indicators, projects at risk, actions to achieve sustainability and duplication, stakeholder involvement, and cofinancing status.

The Agencies are required to submit the final evaluation reports to the GEF Evaluation Office.  In addition, the GEF Evaluation Office assesses the adequacy of the M&E system in the GEF, including compliance with the GEF M&E policy.

Upon financial closures of projects/activities, the GEF Agencies report to the Trustee any unused funds.
The Secretariat, in consultation with the countries, and in collaboration with the GEF Agencies, will actively manage the project cycle.