Land Degradation

GEF 6 Strategy – Objectives and Programs

Objective 1: Maintain or improve flow of agro-ecosystem services to sustain food production and livelihoods

  • Program 1: Agro-ecological Intensification
  • Program 2: SLM for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Objective 2: Generate sustainable flows of ecosystem services from forests, including in drylands

  • Program 3: Landscape Management and Restoration

Objective 3: Reduce pressures on natural resources by managing competing land uses in broader landscapes

  • Program 4: Scaling-up sustainable land management through the Landscape Approach

Objective 4: Maximize transformational impact through mainstreaming of SLM for agro-ecosystem services

  • Program 5: Mainstreaming SLM in Development

Land Degradation Focal Area Set-Aside