Project Cycle

According to Decision No.2345/QDBTNMT dated 07/12/2009 of Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on promulgating regulations on developing, endorsing, mobilizing, managing and supervising the GEF project implementation, the approval procedures follow these steps:

  • Developing GEF Project Identification Form (PIF): all the organizations and agencies working on Biodiversity, Climate Change, Land Degradation, International Waters, and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), consult Viet Nam GEF Office and coordinate with GEF implementing agencies (IAs) to propose PIF in their respective areas. PIF must be met national priorities and the GEF priorities. PIF must be considered by Viet Nam GEF before sending GEF to mobilize financing. In case of proposing GEF funding for project document, there should be a clear statement in PIF.
  • Endorsing PIF: The PIF and application documents need to be submitted to Vietnam GEF for consideration within evaluation forms to the members of the Viet Nam GEF Steering Committee. After receiving completed PIF following the opinions of Steering Committee, Viet Nam Operational Focal Point inform endorsement of Viet Nam to GEF and stakeholders.
  • Developing project documents: Viet Nam implementing agency coordinates with IA to mobilize stakeholders passing the project documents. Viet Nam Operational Focal Point is responsible for coordinating and guiding the mobilization to pass the GEF project document endorsed by GEF Vietnam.
  • Mobilizing GEF to pass project documents: Viet Nam implementing agency presides over, coordinates with the IA on mobilizing stakeholders to pass the project documents. The change in the project document differs from the objective, the main content of endorsed PIF by Viet Nam GEF must be informed to Viet Nam GEF.
  • Approving the project from the Government of Vietnam: After GEF approves the project document, implementing agencies prepare project draft under regulations. The Ministry of Planning and Investment collects comments from the Ministries and Agencies, requires implementing agencies to consider and collect comments into project draft and submit to the Prime Minister for approval of project porfolio. In case, if the Ministries have different overall views from the original document approved by the GEF, Viet Nam GEF Office and implementing agencies will need to negotiate with GEF again to achieve endorsement.