International Waters

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GEF 6 Strategy – Objectives and Programs

Objective 1: Catalyze sustainable management of transboundary water systems by supporting multi- state cooperation through foundational capacity building, targeted research and portfolio learning

  • Program 1: Foster Cooperation for Sustainable Use of Transboundary Water Systems and Economic Growth
  • Program 2: Increase the Resilience and Flow of Ecosystem Services in the Context of Melting High Altitude Glaciers

Objective 2: Catalyze investments to balance competing water-uses in the management of transboundary surface and groundwater and to enhance multi-state cooperation

  • Program 3: Advance Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater through Effective Institutional, Legal, and Policy Measures
  • Program 4: Addressing the Water/Food/Energy/Ecosystem Security Nexus

Objective 3: Enhance multi-state cooperation and catalyze investments to foster sustainable fisheries, restore and protect coastal habitats, and reduce pollution of coasts and Large Marine Ecosystems

  • Program 5: Reduce Nutrient Pollution Causing Ocean Hypoxia
  • Program 6: Prevent the Loss and Degradation of Coastal Habitats
  • Program 7: Foster Sustainable Fisheries