Forest Mgmt./REDD+

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GEF 6 Strategy – Objectives and Programs

Objective 1: Maintained Forest Resources: Reduce the pressures on high conservation value forests by addressing the drivers of deforestation

  • Program 1: Integrated land use planning
  • Program 2: Identification and maintenance of high conservation value forests
  • Program 3: Identifying and monitoring forest loss

Objective 2: Enhanced Forest Management: Maintain flows of forest ecosystem services and improve resilience to climate change through SFM

  • Program 4: Developing and implementing model projects for PES
  • Program 5: Capacity development for SFM within local communities
  • Program 6: Supporting sustainable finance mechanisms for SFM

Objective 3: Restored Forest Ecosystems: Reverse the loss of ecosystem services within degraded forest landscapes

  • Program 7: Building technical and institutional capacities to identify degraded forest landscapes and monitor forest restoration
  • Program 8: Integrating SFM in landscape restoration

Objective 4: Increased Regional and Global Cooperation: Enhanced regional and global coordination on efforts to maintain forest resources, enhance forest management and restore forest ecosystems through the transfer of international experience and know-how

  • Program 9: Private sector engagement
  • Program 10: Global technologies for national progress