Chemicals & Waste

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GEF 6 Strategy – Objectives and Programs

Objective 1: Develop the enabling conditions, tools and environment for the sound management of harmful chemicals and wastes

  • Program 1: Develop and demonstrate new tools and economic approaches for managing harmful chemicals and waste in a sound manner
  • Program 2: Support enabling activities and promote their integration into national budgets and planning processes, national and sector policies and actions and global monitoring

Objective 2: Reduce the prevalence of harmful chemicals and waste and support the implementation of clean alternative technologies/substances

  • Program 3: Reduction and elimination of POPs
  • Program 4: Reduction or elimination of anthropogenic emissions and releases of mercury to the environment
  • Program 5: Complete the phase out of ODS in CEITs and assist Article 5 countries under the Montreal Protocol to achieve climate mitigation benefits
  • Program 6: Support regional approaches to eliminate and reduce harmful chemicals and waste in LDCs and SIDS