GEF 6 Strategy – Objectives and Programs

Objective 1: Improve sustainability of protected area systems

  • Program 1: Improving Financial Sustainability and Effective Management of the National Ecological Infrastructure
  • Program 2: Nature’s Last Stand: Expanding the Reach of the Global Protected Area Estate

Objective 2: Reduce threats to biodiversity

  • Program 3: Preventing the Extinction of Known Threatened Species
  • Program 4: Prevention, Control, and Management of Invasive Alien Species
  • Program 5: Implementing the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Objective 3: Sustainably use biodiversity

  • Program 6: Ridge to Reef and Maintaining Integrity and Function of Globally Significant Coral Reef Systems
  • Program 7: Securing Agriculture’s Future: Sustainable Use of Plant and Animal Genetic Resources
  • Program 8: Implementing the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing

Objective 4: Mainstream conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity into production landscapes/seascapes and sectors

  • Program 9: Managing the Human-Biodiversity Interface
  • Program 10: Integration of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services into Development and Finance Planning